L. Coster is a full service machine shop and roll repair shop located in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania.   L. Coster was founded in 1939 to service the textile industry through the design, service, and repair of paper filled rolls. For over 75 years, L. Coster has grown by maintaining a satisfied customer base, the addition of computerized machining equipment, and increased equipment capacity.

L. Coster currently manufactures, repairs, and refills paper filled rolls for the textile, paper, magnetic tape, ribbon, wallpaper, and foil industries. Along with servicing embossing rolls, L. Coster provides a full service machine shop capable of handling all of your milling, turning, grinding, and fabricating needs.

Since 1939 L. Coster has pursued quality, excellence and value for our customers. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and service of rolls for all types of applications. Let our engineering team assist you with your design and development needs. If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact us.



125 West Street Wind Gap, PA 18091 - Phone: (610) 863-3554 - Fax: (610) 863-8667Email: lcoster@rcn.com

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